Village Council minutes 6/14/11

Colon Village Council-Public Hearing

Special Assessments for Public Safety

Tuesday June 14, 2011 @ 6:45pm – Village Hall


Meeting called to order at 6:45

Present: Bell, Delp, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg

Absent notice given: Kuhlmann

No public comment

Baker sent out approximately 600 special assessment letters and received only two back (anonymous and Poortenga Sons Trust) objecting to this assessment.

Adjournment at 7:00

Colon Village Council-Regular Meeting

Tuesday June 14 @ 7:00pm – Village Hall

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Delp, Bell, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg

Consent Agenda: Approval of tonight’s agenda, approval of minutes from regular meeting May 10, 2011, Financial report, bills to pay in the amount of $44,734.16. Approved with following change: bills to pay should be $50,876.78 Percival/Craun, unanimous consent

Public Comments– Guests

A. Mike Neely-Health insurance request to carry part time workers and council

After lengthy discussion, Kuhlmann made motion, that insurance would not be offered to part time workers or council members, this was seconded by McManus.

Monthly Reports:

A. DPW-Approval to hire AMF to cut down three tree’s and trim two others at the cost of $1300.00 Kuhlmann/Craun

B. Police Report

1. Alcohol Ordinance: Due to some recent issue’s Brinkert feels a local alcohol ordinance should be in place. Public Hearing scheduled for the July council meeting at 6:45 to establish this ordinance

2. Open air/vendor rough draft ordinance: A rough draft  ordinance was handed out to council members.  This draft has not yet been reviewed by Attorney Tomlinson. A completed draft will be given to council members for review at the July council meeting.  At that time any additions or deletions can be made by council members before this is finalized. Brinkert states that an ordinance can not eliminate sales but can regulate them. Council would like to make sure this ordinance is correct in it’s entirety as they do not want to look at each case individually. Council also moved to extend Peddler’s permits at $25.00 per day and require them, to provide village, with sales tax numbers. Delp/Kuhlmann

–Thank you will be sent from council to Dr. Smolarz for new police bike uniforms. Thank you also sent to Ann Gilchrest and Harold Hemel for having the company they use for the vans put the graphics on the new squad car, at no cost to the village.

C. Fire board Report-Board minutes & letter sent to Township also figures worked up for lawyer, in packet for review. Council would like McManus to go back to fire board with the following, pertaining to swimming pools: Village would like to make sure that permits are in place (zoning permit for above ground, building permit for in-ground) also a liability waiver be signed and the consumer will pay for water by gallons used.  This will be for both township and village, handled by village since we pay for the water.

D. Lake board Report: Water is very dark, log issues remain so use caution.  Next meeting scheduled for July 9th at fire barn.  Lake board purchased new TV and VCR for water safety training.

E. Planning Commission-Nothing new at this time

F. Colon Community Park Board


1. Part time help -recommendation:  Baker received only two applications for park janitor, one of which was not fully filled out. Board approved the hiring of Shirley Capman, who has been doing it up to this point and has been doing a great job. Delp/Bell (McManus opposed)

2. Permits: MDEQ & Soil erosion-Marcia Blackman explained what is going on at present.  There are many hoops to jump thru when dealing with state but they are moving forward.

3. Add to park rules -no confetti for pavilion: We will add to pavilion rules that NO confetti is to be used. It is very hard to clean up.  Should they decide to have confetti at their event they will not receive a deposit return.

4. Requests: Percival motions to use Village Fund Equity, as line of credit for the $50,000.00 needed for the park project. This will be taken from the Sturgis Bank Account ending in #1002.  Seconded by Bell (Kuhlmann opposed) Whitford authorized to sign grant paperwork as needed. Bell/Craun

G. DDA/Facade committee report

1. Facade Grant progress, all applications are moving forward

2. Assistant DDA director- no response received

H. ICE Grant-Report

1. Parrish payment #4–Council action to “approve Parrish’s Payment Request #4 in the amount of $141,524.50″ Council authorizes Whitford to sign proper documentation. Delp/Craun  In addition council authorizes Whitford to sign Certificate of substantial completion and Change order form Delp/Craun..  Final paperwork and balances to be given at the July council meeting.

2. Progress meeting minutes and punch list: Meeting set for Parrish to address all issues on punch out list

I. Safe ways to school-  Last month’s meeting went well and they are moving forward.  Kirby and other committee members will walk school route’s to see where this grant will be useful

J. Dam: Weinberg and Hartman working on lights. Pulled circuit board out and are waiting for the diagnosis.  Village owns dam and village is responsible for up-keep and repairs.

K. Other committee Reports: Question brought up about Brown St., by grade school.  Kuhlmann and McManus will do some research on this and bring to July meeting.

Unfinished Business:

1. Ordinance coding questions-recommendations-still working on it

2. Street vendors-emails sent in response-discussed

New Business:

1. Set 2011 village operating millage:  New millage set at 11.0209 Percival/Bell

2. Set 2011 special assessment: Resolution 11-06 to provide for the expense of public safety was offered by Craun and seconded by Kuhlmann with Yeas: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun with 0 Nays and none absent.

3. Job description add to employee handbook: Council members would like to add that ALL employee’s should have a criminal background check before being employed.. Approved to add job descriptions of crossing guard and Park Pavilion janitor to handbook with following change to Park.: under #4 add specific items such as clean entire sink–towel bars, counter tops etc. Percival/Craun

Public Comments-General What happens to those who do not mow lawn, or home is in foreclosure? Brinkert serves notice, waits 10 tens, the DPW mows and amount is placed on tax bill. Item brought to councils attention: Township has not paid their portion of hydrant rental for May and waiting to see if June’s will be paid.  We are still under old contract, this needs to be taken care of.  Lawyers are still discussing terms of new Fire Agreement

Correspondence: Colon Township-MML, revenue sharing qualifying criteria in packet for review.

Adjournment @ 9:25 Kuhlmann/Percival

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Respectfully submitted, Nancy Schultz


Clerk /Treasurer

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