Colon Township minutes 4/20/11

Special Colon Township Board Meeting

April 20, 2011


Called to Order at 9:30 a.m.

Roll Call:

Present- Jackson, Miller, Smigla, Zimmerman, McKelvey

Absent- none


Purpose: Discuss joint meeting with the village and anything else that may come before the board.


Mckelvey stated the cemetery sexton needed to hire a grounds worker.  A motion was made by Jackson, second by Smigla to hire Richard Yoder at $9.00 an hour not to exceed $4000 annually.


McKelvey stated we will be needing a caretaker for the township beach as the county will not be doing it anymore.  The mowing will be done by the cemetery department.  The cleaning and other duties will be presented at our next regular meeting.


Discussion followed on the joint meeting with the village.  Zimmerman presented a chart on the idea of a parcel count for the township and village.


All members were in agreement that we would not raise taxes.


Discussion was held on what we felt was fair and equitable for all concerning the agreement and the hydrant rental.


Motion to adjourn by Zimmerman, second by Smigla 11:40 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Jackson

Township Clerk

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