Colon Village minutes 4/12/11






Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg


Consent Agenda: Approval of public hearing and regular minutes from 3-8-11 also minutes of public meeting 3-10-11 and special meeting 3-30-11, financial report, bills to pay in the amount of $30,892,32 Unanimous Consent (McManus abstains)  with following change: move Group Health Ins. From C. under unfinished business to C. Public Comments-Guests Delp/Craun

Public Comments-Guests

A. Alan Oldenberg-appeared before council to express his disappointment in how police handled his recent accident.

B. Amy Deshan-St. Joseph County Conservation District-Exec. Director-explained 150 mile river clean up and requested council to approve submission of $200.00 invoice for this project. Unanimous consent

C. Group Health Ins.-Committee of Kuhlmann, Craun & Whitford met with Neeley and Seal to review health plans and deductibles.  After review it was recommended to the council to go with the Simply Blue plan. Kuhlmann/Craun Roll call vote as follows: Yeas-Bell, Kuhlmann, Whitford, McManus, Craun  Nays: Delp, Percival, motion passed.  Stated by Craun that she made every effort to give our current agent time to quote this for the village.  He did not return calls to her and sent her a bid, that he said, was his bottom line.

Monthly Reports:

DPW: Replacement of fire hydrant on Willow drive at the cost of $1391.00 and $600.00 for Parrish to install it. Delp/Percival  Patch cost of $500.00 on Palmer Ave. At the cost of $500.00 Craun/Kuhlmann Clean water tower at the cost of $3035.00 (in budget) Percival/Craun

Spring clean up April 11th-15th and fire hydrant flush April 25th thru the 29th.

POLICE REPORT: Purchase of new summer tires from Jacks in Sturgis at a cost not to exceed $500.00 Delp/Craun Council thanked Chief Brinkert, on being $17,000.00 under budget for the year.

FIRE BOARD REPORT: 3-19-11 minutes in packet for review with correction of: Meth disposal should be $2500.00 not 25,000.00

LAKE BOARD REPORT:1st meeting was held at the fire barn on 4-3-11. Topic of discussion: weed control, lake level to be brought up for summer by May.  DNR will do a study on fish spices in lakes, this has not been done in many years. Township is now responsible for public beach.  Many comments were made about the deplorable conditions of our public beach.  Village residents need to bring their concerns to the township.

PLANNING COMMISSION: Continue to review zoning, next meeting 4-21-11 at the village hall.

COLON COMMUNITY PARK BOARD: Next meeting 4-18-11 at the village hall.


1.Ordinance DDA development plan & TIF: The council would like to acknowledge office manager Baker for all her hard work on this DDA development plan.  This was not a paid position and she did this on her own time. After much discussion the council will turn this plan over to attorney Tomlinson for review. Roll call vote, Yeas:Kuhlmann, Whitford, McManus,

Craun. Nays: Bell, Delp Percival. Motion passed DDA would like to invite anyone to attend meetings which take place on the first Monday of the month-12:00 noon @ village hall.

2. Facade grant progress: Moving along, state has it at present, three businesses to take advantage of grant in this round.


1. Parrish & village payment request-Status report given on sewer project. Council action should be to approve Parrish payment request #2 in the amount of $77,165.00 to be submitted to MEDC for payment. Council authorizes Whitford to sign proper documentation. Bell/Percival

(in addition to Parrish payment request, a request to MEDC for village easement expenses in the amount of $23,932.00, total request $101,097.00)

SAFEWAYS TO SCHOOL: Craun emailed Mr. Kirby to set up time and date for meeting

JOINT FIRE AGREEMENT COMMITTEE-APRIL 14TH (joint meeting-Jay Newman facilitator)

Board members should review township purposal and be ready with questions.  This is the 1st meeting, and should be used for fact finding.

OTHER COMMITTEE REPORTS: EDC meeting 4-15-11 1:00 @ 4-H Bldg. Percival to attend

Unfinished Business:

WASHBURN LAKE REQUEST- nothing to report, council members agree to drop this from any futhur meetings McManus/Percival

ORDINANCE CODING QUESTIONNAIRE-RECOMMENDATIONS: Brinkert, Whitford and Percival will take to Tomlinson for review

New Business: Annual Approvals & appointments:

Standing Committees as follows:

BLIGHT- Police Chief Brinkert





FIRE BOARD- Delp, McManus (Percival removes herself) Kuhlmann nominates McManus seconded by Craun unanimous consent (Delp, McManus abstains) Council removes Future Planning from standing committees, unanimous consent.

LAKE BOARD- Bell  McManus nominates Bell seconded by Percival, unanimous consent

PARKS- Percival, Delp & Bell(Craun removes herself)

POLICE- Whitford Percival, Kuhlmann & Craun

SEWER, WATER- Bell, McManus

STREET ADMINISTRATOR- Kuhlmann nominates McManus as street administrator and Craun as assistant, seconded by Percival–unanimous consent

WAGES, PERSONNEL- Percival, Craun (McManus removes herself)

ZONING-Philo, Baker

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS- Delp, Kuhlmann, Craun

Organizational Meeting-Approvals:

Meeting Dates: Dates given for council meetings approval Kuhlmann/Craun

Repeat/Recurring Bills: Percival Craun


PRESIDENT PRO-TEM– Percival   Kuhlmann/Craun

ATTORNEY- Tomlinson   Kuhlmann/Craun

POLICE CHIEF- Mark Brinkert   Craun/Bell

CLERK/TREASURER- Nancy Schultz   Kuhlmann/Craun

BANKING FIRMS- Citizens & Sturgis Bank & Trust   Kuhlmann/McManus

STREET ADMINISTRATOR- McManus (see standing committee)

FIRE BOARD – Delp, McManus (see standing committee)

LAKE BOARD- Bell (see standing committee)


PLANNING COMMISSION- Tom Tenney, Rick Fisher, Sharon Craun, Gib Philo,

Carol Campbell

DDA BOARD- Tadd Davis, Tom Whitford, Mary Beth Bower, Pam Gilbert, Linda Tomlinson, Rick Farrand, Kevin Edson, Dan Earl, Rick Fisher


DDA ASST. DIRECTOR- Tammy Johnson will not be able to fulfill this position–DDA looking for volunteer to learn position.

Public Comments-General:

Tadd Davis questioned why lights are not on Dam.  There are electrical issues with huge costs when lights are on.  Weinberg working to rectify problem.



Colon Township minutes March 22, 2011

Chamber of Commerce letter given to council members

Unapproved minutes of the 4-4-11 DDA meeting





Adjournment @ 9:05 Kuhlmann/Craun



Respectfully Submitted




Nancy Schultz Clerk/Treasurer

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