Colon Village minutes 5/10/11

Tuesday- May 10, 2011

Colon Village Council Regular Meeting

7:00pm  @ Village Hall



Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Bell, Delp, McManus, Whitford, Percival, Kuhlmann, Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Baker, Brinkert, Weinberg

Village Residents: Attorney Tomlinson, Tadd Davis, Wayne Held, Larry Watson, Linda Watson, Mary Beth Bower, Rick Fisher, Ernie Baker, Greg Bordner, Edith Doenges, Terry Katz (Sturgis Journal) Marcia Blackman.

Consent Agenda: Approval of Agenda, Approval of minutes from: April 12, joint meetings April 14

& April 28 2011. Financial report and email to governor, bills to pay in the amount of $36,293.90

Approval of Agenda with following additions: New Business A. Memorial Day Parade B. 4th of July festivities C. Reader’s Digest.  Approval of Minutes from 4-12-11 should  reflect,  Percival was present Percival/Bell Unanimous consent:

Public Comments – Guests

A. Attorney Tomlinson: Many questions were asked and answered by Attorney Tomlinson.  He explained to council that there are definite gaps in the agreements.  The agreements can be open to many interpretations. The village feels at this time, Attorney Tomlinson (village) and Attorney Thornton(Township)  work on a new agreement. Village would like to post-pone the joint meeting (village/township) set for May 16th and re-schedule it for sometime in late June, allowing both village and township to meet with their attorney’s. Council feels that village/township is getting no where and need legal help on these issues.  Baker will draft letter to Township, requesting to re-schedule meeting, for those reasons. Percival/Delp  Village council feels it is so important to back our fire department and want to get a new agreement as soon as possible. Letter was sent to fire department from village council expressing their gratitude for the outstanding job they do.

B. August Street Sales- Rick Fisher and Greg Bordner, appeared before council requesting changes be made to the commercial companies coming in on Magic Week.  Lengthy discussion was held with no concrete decisions.  Council turned matter over to Brinkert, Baker and Attorney Tomlinson to work out something that would satisfy our businesses but also try to work with our village residents and those who come in during Magic week.

Monthly Reports:

DPW-Report in packet for review, Weinberg would also like to purchase Cones and Barricades budgeted for.  The cost is $650.00 Kuhlmann/Craun.  Percival to send  thank you note to the Lions Club, attn: Warren Frazier for the contribution of flags to our town.

Police Report- Replace part time officer-    Special Response Team

Luke Leighton has resigned as part-time officer to further his education.  With recommendations from the Police Committee he will be replace by Larry Juday who has been working with the White Pigeon Police Dept. And the Climax Fire Department.  He will receive $11.00 an hour, no benefits, apprx. 20 hours per week  Kuhlmann/Craun. Sgt.. Joel Herr has volunteered to be trained for the SRT team. Concern was raised about semi-football team coming into town to play at High School field.  Brinkert said police will handle this.  The first game is scheduled for Friday August 6 which is during Magic week. Mr. Baker will see if this can be changed.

Fire Board Report: Board minutes and information sheet that was sent to township in packet for review

Lake Board Report: Meeting scheduled for 5-14-11, first boat safety class to take place on May 21st from 9-3.  Call Sheriff Department for more information and to register for class.

Planning Commission: Policy for planning commission given to members.  Tom Tenney is making some changes needed.

Colon Community Park:

Part Time Help- Temporary position given to Shirley Capman.  Position will be posted by Baker in appropriate venues as follows: Part Time Park employee, position: cleaning service for park and restrooms. $9.00 per hour, includes an hour before event and an hour after event, also spot check mid week (clean up what is needed, approx. 1 hour), and  see if any damage is taking place.  This will also allow Baker to know if deposits can be returned. At this point the bathrooms will remain open all week.  Police dept. will lock door in evening and re-open in morning.  Should circumstances change and park bathrooms are  damaged, we would only have them open for special events. Kuhlmann/Craun (McManus opposed) McManus would like council to make decision on hiring them as village employees or contract labor.

Marcia Blackman appeared before council to explain the on going progress being made by park committee. A priority list is what state says we must complete. Park committee needs to comply with this in order to receive grant money. The following items are in the beginning stages :  Non-motorized trail, ADA parking, concrete walkways, sand volleyball court (due to generous donation from Dave Kuhn’s father) playground equipment, 11 benches, grill.  Blackman reports that the committee is going as fast as the state lets them.  Farmers market is up and running.  Blackman would like council approval for an Avon representative from town to sell her items. Approved Bell/Percival (McManus opposed)

DDA/Facade Committee Report:

Ord. DDA development plan and TIF:  Tadd Davis explains that development plan needs to be accepted by council and TIF started. Motion made by Percival and seconded by Delp with 4 yeas: Bell, Delp, Whitford and Percival and 3 Nays: Kuhlmann, McManus, Craun

Facade Grant progress: Three businesses to take part, paper work at MEDC waiting for approval

Ice Grant-report

Parrish Payment request #3: Council authorizes Whitford to sign grant payment request #3 in the amount of $105,214.05 Kuhlmann/Craun

Safe Ways to School: Meeting @ &:00 pm 5-13-11 at high school cafeteria

Other Committee Reports: Dam Lights, again a topic brought up by Ed Bell.  Brad Hartman and son have looked over the problems related to non-functioning lights.  In his opinion a lightning strike could have done much of the damage. Council agreed to hire Brad Hartman to repair dam lights at a cost not to exceed $4500.00 Bell/Kuhlmann (McManus opposed) Baker will also submit a claim to insurance company for reimbursement if this indeed was a lightning strike.  We would need a letter from Hartman stating that fact.

Unfinished Business:

Police Committee: Standing committees, due to the fact that the police committee should only have three members, Craun stepped down from her position on that committee.  McManus would like to make sure the minutes state this clearly.

Ordinance coding questions-recommendations: Brinkert, Whitford , Tomlinson and Percival have reviewed ordinance coding.  They have asked for extension to do things properly.

New Business: Memorial Day and 4th of July parades and 4th of July fireworks all approved by council Kuhlmann/Craun

Percival gave Blackman information from Reader’s Digest on contest, to award money for our park.  Blackman will do research to see what this involves.

Public Comments – General—None


Colon Township Minutes from 4-14 and 4-28

Response from Township per letter sent to them from village

Adjournment @ 9:15 Kuhlmann/Percival

Unless otherwise stated all motions past

Respectfully submitted

Nancy Schultz-Clerk/Treasurer

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