Colon Chamber minutes 3-17-11

Colon Chamber of Commerce

Chamber board meeting minutes                  March 17, 2011

Called to order at 12 pm

Present:           President Edith Doenges, VP Kay Decker, Treasurer Kathy Earl,  Mary Beth Bower, Nancy Percival & Julie Baker

Absent:                        Secretary Rick Fisher & Greg Bordner,

Other members present                     Terry Craft & Linda Musall


Motion to accept minutes from February 17, 2011 meeting. Percival/Bower passed


Motion to approve Treasurer’s report as presented. Bower/Percival passed


No Ballots for elections for 2011


Chamber renewal notices will be sent by Mary Beth Bower


Citizen of the Year:  5 recommendations were received, these will be held for consideration for next year also.


Motion to name Ruby Prestly as the 2011 Citizen of the Year,  Baker/Bower passed


President Doenges will inform Prestly and ask when she would like her dinner.


Prestly will head the July 4th parade and discussion was held on honoring one of the many service clubs in the area at the end of the parade.


It was recommended that the Colon Christmas Bucks and the Magic Busking competitions be open for every business, not just downtown.


Motion to adjourn Percival/Earl passed


Adjourned 12: 53 pm


Next meeting April 21, 2011


Respectfully submitted

Julie Baker

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