2011 Get Together Performers Announced

Hank Moorehouse, producer of the 74th Abbott Get Together, has announced the first wave of Get Together performers for the 2011 event.  Below is a pic and some brief background on these performers who will be in Colon Aug 3,4,5,6 2011.  We believe these top notch entertainers to be the start of a great things to come this August.  Full Registrations (including shows, lectures,etc)  are still available at the 2010 price of $160, but will go up Jan 1 to $170.

Aaron Radatz – Time Magazine said, “He is the magical entertainer to see.” FOX News said, “Aaron is a fabulous magician!” Aaron Radatz is the newest star to hit the magic entertainment scene. He has studied with many of the masters of magic including Harry Blackstone (Jr.). Aaron, the only magician to have apprenticed with the great Mr. Blackstone even had his mentor, proclaiming, “I would recommend Aaron without reservation.” To date, Radatz and his cast have toured 37 U.S. states, 27 countries, and 6 continents; bringing wonder to a quarter of a million people in 2006 alone. Aaron was chosen to represent the U.S.A. at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas and is also the only magician who has been commissioned by the U.S. Pentagon for a command performance for the U.S. military. His dedication to the troops has earned him awards, including such high honors as the Commander’s Coin of Excellence and the Scroll of Appreciation of Honor and Admiration. In 2009, Aaron Radatz is one of the magicians featured on the new series Masters of Illusion airing on Fox’s MyNetworkTV.

James dimmare – Jame’s approach to Magic is not unlike his approach to life: totally involved, all consuming, and dedicated to perfection. Despite the ever-changing nature of popular entertainment, he has remained focused on achieving what some might consider impossible. Entertainment that stands the test of time! His contributions to the craft resulted in an international reputation and included such top honors as Stage Magician of the Year; presented by Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle, First Place Stage Award; presented by Pacific Coast Association of Magicians, several European trophies, and in Las Vegas: the only two time recipient of the Siegfried and Roy “Lion Head” award! “The Act” as James has sometimes called it, has taken him literally around the world. TV, theaters, and repeated tours of Europe; including a command performance for Prince Rainier of Monaco, are but a few of the results of James Dimmare’s tireless efforts. When you add the soul of an artist to the talents of an entertainer, you create a potent theatrical force… James Dimmare!?

Bill Blagg – Bill turned the magic world on its head by becoming the youngest contestant to win the Adult Stage Competition at Abbott’s in 1998 (his first major competition). The buzz circulated through the convention and people noted “We’ll be seeing that young man in Vegas or on TV in the near future.” Bill combines his original illusions along with audience participation, comedy and of his trademark off-the-cuff personality which creates a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Bill’s show consistently draws standing ovations from audiences who experience his one-of-a-kind talents. His grand-scale magic and unique illusions will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief as you witness Bill create the impossible in a way only he can do. Called “simply amazing” by Chicago Tribune, Bill walks thru steel, brings ordinary objects to life, makes audience volunteers levitate in mid-air while others vanish in the blink of an eye and so much more! He’s changing reality one city at a time and Colon (the Magic Capital of the World) is next!

Ken Mate – Ken has performed his blend of stand-up comedy and magic for over three decades. He has appeared with more than 80 stars as the guest opening act including: The bands Chicago and Alabama, The Beach Boys, Wynona Judd, Smokey Robinson, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis, Crystal Gayle, Bobby Vinton, Weird Al, Ann Jillian, Ray Charles, Charlie Daniels, and The Smother Brothers. Ken was featured on the NBC TV special taped at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas titled “The World’s Greatest Magic”. The show was hosted by the late, John Ritter. His magic hands have appeared in commercials including Mc Donald’s, Chevy, First Bank, and “The Incredible Edible Egg”. Mate is an experienced Master of Ceremonies, and Corporate Talk Show Host. He toured 4 years on behalf of The Illinois State Lottery logging over 1000 performances. He has hosted live shows for Oprah Winfrey, Grand Prix Auto Racing, and 1000’s of meetings for major corporations at conferences and conventions. Ken Mate is a versatile variety artist that is skilled in comedic presentations, magic, mind tricks, juggling and balloon sculpture. He has surprised many with his ability to play the piano, guitar and even the clarinet. All of these entertainment options keep him in high demand. Don’t miss him as he will be fabulous this year at Abbott’s!

Rich Marotta and Twila Zone – Rich is a nationally touring comedian and world renowned magician who has appeared on numerous TV shows.   Rich has lectured to magicians in all 50 states and 20 countries.  His magic products are in every magic shop in the country.  But most importantly, Rich is a great entertainer and he is sure to bring laughter and entertainment to the Colon stage.  Twila Zone, Rich’s bespeckled assistant, may look ditzy, but she has some clever tricks up her sleeve! Somehow she always manages to upstage the hysterical Rich Marotta. Twila’s crazy antics add a new dimension to the world of magic. Fusing the timimg of comedy with the subtlety and misdirection of magic, the show is sophisticated enough for adults, and a blast for the kids. This comedy play pokes fun of itself and delivers top notch magic and illusion. The new wave of magic for the 21st Century. Fast paced, funny and hip. Stage magic done right and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Nathan Kepner – When speaking of Nathan Kepner, Ryan Seacrest (host of American Idol) says “I see why you have gone so far with your magic”. First internationally recognized for his original style at only 16 years old, Nathan has since earned six international titles including the World Magic Seminar’s Stage Champion. Nathan brings world-class skill and dynamic, original effects to the stage as an internationally acclaimed magician. while you may see drawings come to life right off the paper, his clothing change in a flash, or a saxophone vanish into thin air, Nathan goes beyond simply performing for people. By directly involving and engaging the audience in his magic and comedy, he is able to deliver performances that feel intimate in even the largest of theaters. Audiences from Las Vegas to London have already seen it – now it’s your turn to experience live entertainment at its best.  It’s the Magic of Nathan Kepner and it’s coming to the stage of the Abbott Magic Get Together in 2011, you don’t want to miss this.

Nels Creamean – Nel works solo and with others to “defy gravity and spread joy” across North America and abroad through comedy variety shows, keynotes, ministry, arts-in-education, and more. With nearly three decades of experience as a professional oddball, Nels is a highly sought after entertainer and speaker who has won the hearts of thousands with his contagious sense of humor and playfulness. The seeds were planted for a life of foolishness when Nels went to his first performing arts workshops at eight years old. During the next decade, he studied physical comedy, juggling, acting, and other arts, applying his talents everywhere from street festivals to theatrical productions. Since those early days, Nels has studied theater at the University at Buffalo, completed degrees in mathematics and education, toured with a non-profit circus, trained with instructors from Ringling Brothers and Cirque du Soleil, written for Juggle magazine, helped produce shows and commercials, taught performing arts courses and workshops, and provided entertainment and presentations for countless companies, organizations, and events.

Mark Holstein – Well known Illusionist Mark Holstein makes a special appearance at the 2011 Get Together as the Master of Ceremonies for one of the shows. Mark, along with his wife Sue, have toured the United States with their illusion act, “The Holsteins” and are a Magic Get Together favorite, having appeared together as Get Together performers in 1992, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2006, 2009. Mark continues a tradition of magic handed down from Percy Abbott,Werner Dornfeld, and William Smetak – that tradition being stage manager of the Abbott Magic Get Together. Mark Holstein holds the distinction of being the first magician to win the Jerry Conklin Abbott Magic Family Award. His wife Sue is the daughter of Bill Smetak, the legendary magician and former Abbott stage manager of whom that Get Together stage has been named in honor of.  Mark also is an author of magic and has penned several articles and cover stories for Magic Magazine (my favorite being his article on De Yip Loo, the famous Chinese magician who performed several times at the Get Together).

Jeanette Andrews – Since performing her first magic show at age four, Jeanette Andrews has now amazed thousands live across the country and countless others through television including features on ABC-TV and WGN-TV.   In 2008, Jeanette was selected to work with the world’s top director for magicians, Eberhard Riese, and to perform during his lecture at the International Brotherhood of Magicians / Society of American Magicians convention in July of that year. Jeanette continually studies the art of magic in depth as well as performance art, psychology, and philosophy and their relationship to magic. In 2009, Jeanette was a featured lecturer and performer at the prestigious Theory and Art of Magic Conference at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania where she presented her lecture “Sartre’s Theory of the Imagination and the Unreality of Magic”. Jeanette’s magic is ideal entertainment and in 2011 she will add her unique and elegant touch to the Colon stage.

Kerry Pollock – Teller (of Penn and Teller) called Kerry “One of the most powerful and charming performers I know”, Variety Magazine  “A thoroughly enjoyable alternative to ordinary standup”. Kerry is a professional comedian / magician who has headlined resorts and casinos as well as corporate events throughout the country for over two decades. His clean, original approach to the art has contributed to a refreshing and very entertaining full evening show. Audience participation is the icing on the cake. And better yet… every piece is a corner piece!   “My goal is to keep them laughing, have them wondering, and be 100% comfortable with my show even if my mom were in the audience.” says Kerry.   A former engineer and the founder of Wireless Wizardry Inc., Kerry has combined his expertise in electronics with his showmanship to create props and illusions for top names such as Disney, Penn & Teller, Harry Anderson, Lance Burton, Amazing Jonathan and others.

Tim Hill – Combining incredible magic with comedy and audience participation. Tim’s fun-loving magic delivers a performance that is enthusiastically received by audiences young and old. A featured headliner for Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Princess Cruise Lines, Tim divides his time between sailing the seas and making guest appearances for numerous events across the United States and in over 15 countries. A respected magician among his peers, Tim has won numerous awards for his performances. He has also appeared on national television programs such as A&E’s documentary: “The History of Magic”. Through all of his travels, Tim has learned that magic truly is the universal language, crossing all language, age and race barriers. “A fantastic show and a Royal Caribbean Favorite.” says Warren Allen, Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas Cruise Director. “Tim’s Show was clearly the best program we have ever had here!” says Kent State University. “Cleveland’s rising star. Tim Hill, an expert manipulator. Keep a look out for Tim in the future.” says The Linking Ring Magazine.

Les Arnold & Dazzle – Les Arnold and his daughter Alex (Dazzle) have show biz running through their veins. The Arnold magic bloodline originates with les’ grandfather, The Great Leon, a vaudeville headliner. From the moment they step onto the stage you realize somethings not right here…Whether this seasoned magician knows it or not, his flamboyant assistant is stealing the show! As ducks magically disappear and reappear, its Dazzle’s job to get them offstage, despite her phobia for animals. It’s a roller coaster ride of laughs hows, and astonishment! The Les Arnold and Dazzle act is a satirical look at every “stuffed shirt” magician you’ve ever seen and every obnoxious assistant you wish you hadn’t. The magic is solid but the characters are comically unstable, resulting in a funhouse ride of laughs, gasps, and astonishment. The act has been seen by Millions across the world via their tours and television specials – a feature article on the act was published in Magic Magazine in July 2005. Alexandra, who in addition to performing as dazzle has also teamed up with friend Britney Cole in “The Dupress Sisters.”

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