Colon Chamber Minutes 9/16/10

Colon Chamber of Commerce

Chamber board meeting minutes                  September 16, 2010

Called to order at 12 pm

Present:           President Edith Doenges, Greg Bordner, Julie Baker, & Treasurer Kathy Earl, arrived at 12:30

Absent:            Nancy Percival, Mary Beth Bower, VP Kay Decker & Secretary Rick Fisher

Guest               Village President Tom Whitford

Minutes from August 19th meeting were given out (no quorum to accept)

Doenges will talk to Kay Holmes about the arrangements for the Citizen of the Year dinner.

Shirts left –      Bordner has about 12 and turned in $150 for shirts sold.

Doenges has 12 old and 19 new  and turned in $170 for shirts sold.

Unknown from Grannies and Fab’s, Village gave all shirts to Fab’s to sell.

Edgett Godfrey shirts- suggested to give them to the Food Bank.

Fund raiser for next spring – have a quilt made from past tee-shirts and raffle off.

2010 Magic week Fireworks bill, nothing yet – at least $80 from donation jar at the Marathon  was picked up by Beth Adams of Sparkle .

Magic Week Banners- The banner for downtown across M-86 was damaged by winds this year. Need to look into getting it fixed and putting air vents in it so winds won’t damage it again.

The two welcome banners are gone, we need to get a quote to replace them.

New Fund Raiser – suggested purchasing Blackstone Ave street signs for resale along with tee shirts.

Treasurer arrived- $9174.86 in check book

New US form for new Officers needs to be sent in.

Bills – Magical Creations $235.70 for flowers for M&M grill and Conklin funeral and 4th of July.

Motion to pay, Baker/Bordner passed

Suggested that Secretary Fisher send thank you to Sharps for 4th of July help and offer free membership to Chamber

2011 Citizen of the Year – suggested for selecting and getting the word out – set out boxes at local businesses with ballots in January and decide in February.(Baker volunteer to do boxes and ballots)

Adjourned 12: 58 pm              Next meeting Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 12:00 – Village Hall

Respectfully submitted                       Julie Baker

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