Dedication of Liberty Tree Memorial to be held in the Colon Community Park

August 14th Proclaimed Liberty Tree Day in Colon

Dedication of  Liberty Tree Memorial to be held in the Colon Community Park

When a special American Liberty Elm is dedicated in Colon it will be much more than a tree.  It is a  Liberty Tree Memorial, a living growing tribute to our country’s freedom and founding . On August 14, 2010, Liberty Tree Day, the public is invited to attend a ceremony in the Colon Community Park at 11:00 a.m. Colon’s  Liberty Tree Day proclamation will be read.

The Colon Liberty Tree Memorial  was made possible by a grant from the Elm Research Institute (ERI) of Keene, NH.  The Liberty Tree is a 10  ft. tall ceremonial disease-resistant American Liberty Elm. Next to the tree is a Liberty Tree Memorial  plaque with an inscription that recounts the history of Boston’s Liberty Tree, an American elm that was the rallying place for the Sons of Liberty in the American Revolution. Colon is the site of one of 426 Liberty Tree Memorials in the country.

Inspired by these Patriots whose efforts were immortalized by the original Liberty Tree, ERI developed the Liberty Tree Memorial to commemorate the day this famous tree was chopped down by angry Red Coats. The story is told on a bronze Plaque installed at the foot of a graceful Elm Tree.

In order to bring this first symbol of Freedom to Americans everywhere the Institute has established the Liberty Tree Society with a four-fold mission: First to fulfill the goal of Governor Peabody by establishing August 14th as Liberty Tree Day, not just in Massachusetts, but in all 50 states; Second to dedicate Liberty Tree Memorials in 1000 communities, Third to tell the exciting story of the Liberty Tree in classrooms across the land, Fourth to continue the “Re-Elming” of America by planting disease-resistant American Liberty Elms in public spaces nationwide.

Elm Research Institute was established in 1967 with the purpose of saving the American elm  from extinction. ERI sponsored genetic research that resulted in the American Liberty Elm, a purebred descendant of disease-resistant American elms. It is the only elm with a Lifetime Warranty against Dutch elm disease. Over 300,000 have been planted since 1984.

For information about the American Liberty Elm or the Liberty Tree Memorial program, phone Elm Research Institute at 1-800-367-3567, visit online at or write to Elm Research Institute, 11 Kit Street, Keene, NH 03431.

Contact: Julie Baker, Village of Colon 269-432-2532  for more information

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