Village of Colon Minutes 7/13/10


VILLAGE HALL 7-13-10@7:00PM

Call to order at 7:00pm by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance recited

Present: Whitford, Bell, Delp, McManus, Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun

Also Present: Baker, Schultz, Weinberg, Brinkert

Approval of Agenda, Minutes of Planning Commission (6-8-10) Minutes of Special Assessments for Public Safety, (6-8-10) Minutes of Regular meeting (6-8-10) Financial reports with auditor’s 2 yr comparison questions answered, bills to pay in the amount of $15,341.12 Approved Percival/Craun– unanimous consent

Renewal of sewer CD-motion made by Kuhlmann, for Craun and Baker to compare rates at other banks, find out if any offer adjustable rates and make a decision where to turn over CD  at the termination of the 5 year Kuhlmann/Bell


A. Cathy Hopkins appeared before the council to fill them in about what the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority was doing. She answered questions from council members and village residents.

B. Rick Fisher brought to the council idea’s on what can be done to promote Colon.  The council was interested with his idea’s and thought that he might get a group together to work on these idea’s. Need to be more visible but also can not afford costly advertising.

C. Mary Dekker has a problem with a tree and came to council for advise and help.  Weinberg will work with her on this issue.


DPW:            -Two trees need removal on Polk and Long Lake road at the cost of $650.00 by A.M.F. Tree Service Delp/Craun

-Sealcoat with Blast Furnace Slag at the cost of $55,000 BY Branch County Road Commission Delp/Bell

-Rebuild retaining wall by Tomlinson Law Office on Village Property, bid given to Joe Geibe Masonry at the cost of $3500.00 Delp/Mcmanus

POLICE REPORT: Monthly report submitted, need to purchase color printer, cost not to exceed $500.00 Bell/Delp

FIRE BOARD REPORT: Minutes from the 6-9-10 meeting given for council review

LAKE BOARD REPORT: Meeting was on 7-10-10, Bell reported on issues from the meeting.

PLANNING COMMISSION: Randy Sharp appointed as 5th member of Planning Commission Percival/Craun

COLON COMMUNITY PARK: Council received letter from Jon Ritter about loud music at Park. Council feels that the park is being rented and it is for community enjoyment. Motion made by Kuhlmann and supported by Craun to support the police decision in this matter.

-Marcia Blackman was present on behalf of the park. Monies currently for park are as follows: Branch County Foundation account has $42,000.00 along with the Lions club $7,000.00 for brick sales. SB&T has approx. $1000.00 from rentals which will be used for park expenses. Next Park meeting will be held at the village hall at 7:00pm July 19th with an August 7th car show and the Liberty Tree ceremony on August 14th. Next phase of the park will be the playground equipment. Garden Club will continue with their Saturday morning flea markets.

FACADE COMMITTEE REPORT: Facade committee will now be known as the DDA Committee Percival/Craun Bell amended to state that the $900.00 previously stated for the Facade will now be transferred to establish a DDA (Downtown Development Authority) Resolution of Intent to Establish Downtown  Development Authority Pursuant to Michigan Public Act No. 197 0f 1975 as amended approved Percival/Craun

ICE GRANT: Craig Schumacker, from Fleis and Vanden Brink gave report on ICE Grant and also reported that the Ground Water Discharge permit has been approved. Cost was not as much as expected.

OTHER COMMITTEE REPORTS: By laws of the Colon Community Fire and Rescue are being review by committee of council members.  Council believes that the most important thing at this time is to keep the line of communication open between the Village and Township.


Peddler Permit Ordinance: Still being reviewed by council member committee, Brinkert and village attorney.

Enchanted Glen -Still under review—no recommendation at this time, will be brought up again at August meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Charter Franchise Renewal approved with 3% Franchise Fee Percival/Kuhlmann

CORRESPONDENCE: Garden Club, Letter to Township, ZBOA minutes, last quarter council pay, Colon Township Board minutes all in packet for Council Review

Unless otherwise stated all motions past

Adjournment at 9:50 Bell/Percival

Respectfully Submitted              Nancy Schultz, Clerk Treasurer

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