Colon Community Fire & Rescue Board Minutes 7/14/10


Minutes/Regular Meeting – July 14, 2010

Sandy Jackson called the meeting to order and the pledge of allegiance was recited.

Motion to appoint Sandy Jackson as Acting Chairperson was made by Dan Smigla and seconded by Nancy Percival.  Motion approved.

Motion to appoint Nancy Percival as Acting Secretary was made by Dick Delp and seconded by Dan Smigla.  Motion approved.

Roll Call:  Board members present:  Dan Smigla, Sandy Jackson, Nancy Percival and Dick Delp.  There is no 5th Board member at this time.

Guests present:  Frank Fisher, Rob Fisher, Lanell Nystrom, Dave Webb, Matt Overholt, Tommy Talbot, Chief Doenges, Jody Gross, Terry Walls, and Todd Wadsworth.

Motion was made by Dick Delp and seconded by Dan Smigla to approve the minutes of 6/9/10 with the changes made to the order of the contents.  Nancy reminded Sandy that the motion had not been approved and Sandy said  we don’t have to approve it. 

Lanell they gave the financial report.  The checking account has a balance of  $48,083.33 and the savings account has a balance of $17,225.59.  Also our $100,000 CD earned interest in the amount of $644.80.  Lanell also reported that the audit was July 7th and all went well.  We’ll be getting a small refund due to a voided check.  Also some account activity had to be moved around.  We’ll we getting a full audit report soon.

Chief Doegnes reported to the board that he had talked to Stan Burland of Hospital Network Healthcare regarding our department being a disposal site for used needles and the cost is $55.00 a quarter ($220.00 a year).  Stan said that he would allow us a few months free to see if it works out.  Chief would like to go ahead and try this as a service to the community.  He would approach the Lions, Kiwanis, Lodge, Lakeboard, etc to get the word out as we want to assist Colon residents but not all of St. Joesph County.  We would be the only department in the county collecting used needles.

Motion was made by Sandy Jackson and seconded by Dan Smigla to provide needle disposal to the community at an annual cost of $220.00.   Motion approved.

Chief reported that the radios had all been reprogrammed and repeater is working.  He said it should be mid-August before the completion of the 911 testers.

Chief said Central Dispatch went down a week ago Tuesday and it was a mess.  We will be the 3rd backup in the County as we have 10 channels to tone out.  Central Dispatch is first, then Sturgis, then Colon.  He reported that the 926 tanker blew a tire and they put on 2 new tires at a cost of $401.00.  Chief has had no luck regarding the roof fans.  He has decided to ask a few local builders for their ideas and get some prices.  He said the fan is needed no matter what the condition of the roof is.

Rob reported there are two junk cars in the parking lot and they will be used for extrication training in December.

Dave reported there will be an extra class this month on meth updates.  The class is scheduled for Monday, July 19, 2010.

Under Old Business:                Sandy reported that since our last meeting Jim Bidwell had dropped off a letter.  (Board was NOT given a copy of his letter).  Nancy reported that since our last meeting she talked with Pattie Bender, St. Joseph Co. Clerk, and her “opinion” was that all three of the candidates who applied for the position without a letter of interest should be disqualified.  Sandy said “and who’s Pattie Bender?”.   The Township attorney said this is nitpicking.  She also said that since the last meeting one of the three interested applicants had withdrawn due to board member actions.  Nancy questioned how Sandy could overlook redoing the “process” as it was her idea to begin with and she said it was her fault and she would take the blame that the three interested applicants didn’t put in a letter of interest. She felt talking to them and getting a brief history was enough.  She also stated she had researched the minutes back to 1991 and last time there were five interested candidates and none of them had a letter of interest.  The question came up about how to break a tie and Nancy stated the contract says if an impasse occurs the final resolution can be arbitration.  Dan said we don’t want to go that route as it’s very expensive and can be vicious.  Nancy said “and this is fun?”.Sandy stated some kind of a tie breaker is one of the things the Village/Township committee is attempting to resolve.  Also they want the contract to be readable and not all legalese.  The committee has met twice so far.  Dick said our Village Board would have to approve any changes.    Lanell spoke and said none of the 3 interested applicants from the posting had stayed through the whole meeting last time and none of them were here tonight.  She pointed out that Frank Fisher had stayed through the whole meeting last time and was here tonight.  Sandy was asked if she had a personal problem with Frank and she responded that her problem is the father/son relationship between Frank and Rob Fisher.  Nancy said she disagreed as this is not Chicago and in a small town you’ll get lots of people related to one another.  Sandy said she’s 63 and lived here since third grade and she’s not related to anyone on the department.  Nancy stated that when the contract was drawn up the fire department was “at the table” and the clear intent then was that the fifth board member would be someone they recommended (knowing the board has the final say in the matter).  Sandy said we already had an attorney opinion and we won’t discuss that further.

At this point in the meeting Frank Fisher stated he had never been so insulted by the way Sandy handles a Board meeting.  He also stated he is pulling his name from consideration because there’s no way he’ll sit on a board with Sandy Jackson.

Nancy reminded Lanell that the budget was due to the Village in a few months and it was agreed that Lanell, Chief Doenges, and Rob would get together and bring back a proposed budget to the board.

Dick asked if Sandy had something against the Village Board members and she said no she did not.  Dick said it was funny that all the Township board stories are the same and that Sandy perjured herself related to Robbie.  Dan said he doesn’t disagree with relatives being on the board or on the department.

Rob suggested we save the time and effort to repost the position and go ahead and appoint Jim Bidwell.

Motion to appoint Jim Bidwell to the Board as the fifth board member was made by Dan Smigla and seconded by Dick Delp.  Motion approved with Smigla, Jackson, and Delp voting yes and Nancy Percival voting no.

Matt Overholt said that October is Fire Prevention week and that he and Tommy will be presenting fire safety to the 4th graders at Colon schools and hope to get some packets together for the kids and bring two trucks to the school.  He also encouraged board members to attend any trainings and see how well the department members work together.

Sandy reported as of June 1st she is semi-retired and working only 2 days a week.

Motion to adjourn at 8:02 p.m. was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dick Delp.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,                    Nancy Percival                       Acting Secretary

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