History of the Get Together Available

Lester lake came up with a slogan in the 30's that is still used today to describe Colon

Abbott’s has brought the history of the Get Together & Colon to life in its new Compendium, which is available for free download here. The Compendium is meant to be used as a reference book rather than a novel. If you want to read about the Get Together in the 30’s, 40s’, 50s’, etc the information is in there. If you need an application for the 2010 Busking Contest, or Abbott’s Stage Contest, or the buy a brick campaign it also is in there.  Over 300 pages in this first edition including a “linked” table of contents which will bring you right where you want to be in this document.  You’ll find dozens of stories about the Get Together written during that era, pictures of tricks Abbotts produced to help the war effort in the 40’s, reasons why the Get Together left Colon in the 50’s, and why it came back to Colon in the 60’s.  Relive some of the greatest performances by magic legends such as Harry Blackstone and Lance Burton, in fact all the Get Together performers are listed in this publication.

Each year this compendium will be updated so if you have stories about the Get Together you would like to share, pictures, etc. let Abbott’s know and we will have them in the 2011 version.   If the interest is good there may be a published version available for the 75th Get Together which will be celebrated in 2012.

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