Colon Township Board Minutes 6/22/10

Colon Township Board Meeting

Minutes of June 22, 2010 7:00pm                                        

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM                  Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:   Present: Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Hensell

Absent: Miller                                 Public comment: none

 Amend agenda to add Public Hearing date for 2010 tax rate request- Hensell.

Without objection approve agenda as amended, McKelvey.    PASSED

 Without objection accept regular and closed session minutes of May 25, 2010, McKelvey. PASSED

 Without objection accept bills reoccurring and to be paid totaling $47,544.74, McKelvey. PASSED

 Old Business:    Hensell- Thank you to Dan Smigla for doing the legwork for the docks to be placed at the public access sites. He obtained the name of a man responsible for the DNR program for the docks and Hensell sent a formal letter to be considered for the program.

 A Public hearing date was set for 6:45 pm August 24, 10 for the Fire and Rescue Special assessment tax rate.

 To update the progress on the joint meeting with the village, Village President Whitford asked to have both the Village and the Township boards meat to discuss issues. McKelvey, Miller, McManus and Kuhlman will meet to discuss and then report back to their boards.

 Supervisors Report:            McKelvey has an EDC meeting on Thursday of this week Retirement party for Bruce Jones c/o St. Joe County Road Commission will be on June 27 and anyone in the public is also invited.

 Attorney Thornton Report:           John Sturgis will be joining Lance for the summer as an intern. He is currently a Senior at MSU and has applied to Law School. Went to court on June 2nd. The judge found both Randy and Tammy Appleton in contempt of court and granted the township all the relief that was requested. The barn may be condemned but he has thirty days from June 17th to bring it up to code or it may be demolished. The Appleton’s have twenty-one days to appeal the judge’s decision. As of today they have applied for a building and electrical permit on the barn. If not in compliance after twenty-one days the township may go onto property and clean it up.

 Zoning Administrator Report (Glenn Lindsey):          Not present.

 Lakeboard report given by George Slouber:      Not present. Thornton reported that the Lakeboard has filed suit with the County to collect past special assessment monies. They are currently setting up a new assessment because the five-year term has come to an end.

 Fireboard Report: (Jackson)          Jackson read June meeting minutes aloud. See attached. Two hydrants have been out of commission for years and have re3cently been repaired or removed. Jackson would like to find out why there would still be a fee for these hydrants if they were not operational.

 Public comment:   None

 Motion to adjourn.   Smigla/Hensell              unanimous      PASSED at 7:27 pm

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