May 13th Colon Chamber meeting

Colon Chamber of Commerce

Chamber board meeting minutes                             May 13, 2010

Called to order at 12 pm

Present:               President Edith Doenges, VP Kay Decker & Julie Baker

Absent:                                Treasurer Kathy Earl & Secretary Rick Fisher

Other members present           Greg Bordner, Marie Fisher, Nancy Percival, Walter & Mary Weaver

 Election of Officers will be June 17th. Member flyers for Dues and Election need to be sent out.

List of members is with Secretary Fisher.

 Chamber meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month at noon at the Village Hall. This was the consensus of when the meeting s could be held to get the most members present.

 The Annual Chamber meeting, for financials, bills & dues, that was to be held in April is moved to the June 17th meeting.

Citizen of the Year:  Two letters came in nominating Kay Holms, Denny Russell & Kathy Sove of the Colon Food Pantry. A petition was turned in with 60 signatures nominating Kay Holms.

 Motion to name Kay Holms as the 2010 Citizen of the Year, by Baker, 2nd by Decker. Passed

 President Doenges & VP Decker will inform Holms next Tuesday during the distribution at the Colon Food Pantry.

 4th of July activities:                         July 2                     Flotilla    and Flares

                                                                July 3                     Parade at 11 am                Fireworks at the Dam area           

Edith reported the parade line up is going well it’s all on computer now & Kim will be the MC again.

The Flyover request has been submitted. She will be getting with Davis & Davis on insurance for the Parade & Midway. It was mentioned that up town when waiting for the parade, people would like to hear 4th of July music not just old 30’s music. Edith will talk to Kim about that and the equipment for the parade announcements.

Kay has copy of Jerry’s music that was used in the past. Kay will be getting all the fireworks permit to Julie soon.

Julie will be getting all the permits for the parade and fireworks through the Village

Nancy, Mary & Marie informed the Chamber on the progress of the Façade Grant through the Village of Colon and how they have to either have a DDA or have a good reason why Colon has never had a DDA. They ask for some funds to be used for looking into starting a DDA and/or funds used to help with getting the Façade Grant. It was mentioned that past Colon Village President Tony Wolowitcz stated he was or needed to be the President of the DDA,  Julie will be looking back in the Village minutes to see how far the Village got with a DDA.

Motion to match the Villages $900 funds to help with the acquisition of the Façade Grant, by Decker, 2nd by Baker, passed.

Kay reported that Secretary Rick is all ready to send out Member Dues Flyers  & has Member Cards already.

Edith reported that she is checking into getting a utility trailer for the Colon Food Pantry. Right now she has prices of between $800 and $1600 but she is working on getting it for free.

 Adjourned 12: 53 pm                      Respectfully submitted                 Julie Baker

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