Colon Township Board Meeting 3/30/10

Colon Township Board Meeting

Minutes of 3-30-10, 6:45 pm

Public Hearing for 2010-11 Budget and 2009-10 Budget Amendments

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM

Pledge of Allegiance        Roll Call:        Present: Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell             Absent: none

Without objection, accept agenda

2010 Amended General Appropriations Act Public Comment:      Nancy Percival asked if there were any other cuts except the Library.  McKelvey answered no.  Miller informed that we were still on the 2010 Amendments not the 2011 budget.

2011 General Appropriations Act Public Comment:      Patti Miller asked what caused the large drop in the Parks and Recreation Dept.    Hensell/Jackson stated in 2010 the seawall project made the large fee but that was a one time fee.

MOTION to adjourn.     Miller/Jackson             unanimous    Motion passed.      Meeting closed at 6:56 pm

Regular Meeting

Called to order at 7:00 pm     Roll Call:     Present: Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell         Absent: none

Public Comment: none           Without objection, accept agenda.

MOTION to approve the 2010 Amended Appropriations Act.    Hensell/Smigla

Roll Call:      Yes- Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell      No- none  PASSED

2011 General Appropriations Act discussion:                 Jackson stated that the board has requested more information from the Fireboard regarding their budget but has not received it yet. She does not feel the township should approve the current budget without this information. Hensell asked what information was requested because we did receive the profit and loss sheets that were requested. Jackson clarified that it was the budget amounts being based on actual amounts instead of continuing year after year without alteration. Miller asked what we do if we do not approve the Fire & Rescue budget. Jackson read the contract, which states that the Fireboard has thirteen days to resubmit an amended budget proposal. She would recommend not approving the Fire & Rescue Budget of $105,609 until further review. Hensell asked that if the budget is not approved the entire Fire & Rescue Fund be excluded as a fund and not just the Fire Department. This will simplify the exclusion and the adoption of the budget at a later date.

MOTION to accept 2011 Colon Township General Appropriation Act excluding the Fire & Rescue Fund budget.

Jackson/Miller     Roll Call:        Yes- Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell      No- none     PASSED

Amend minutes of 2/23/10 to state $1200 per year for the Sharp Farms contract per Jackson.  Approve minutes as amended.    Without objection, accept minutes of 3/1, 3/8, and 3/22/10.

Without objection, accept bills due and reoccurring totaling $71,220.49.

Old Business:

Hensell- inquired about her suggestion last fall to contact the State and try to get docks put in on Colon’s public access sites. What should we do to get this ball rolling? Smigla volunteered to work on this with Larry Watson who had offered his support last fall.

Motion to accept resignation of Ernie Baker from the Board of Review with regrets.    Smigla/Miller      unanimous  PASSED

The request for Cemetery snowplowing was posted in the Sturgis Journal this month and two bids have come in. Tom Waltke Jr. and Mark Sharp gave bids. Board suggests that flyers around town may get more of a response than the newspaper did. Jackson will make a flyer with the help of Hensell.

Hensell requested board support to enter the Electronic Poll Book Grant through the State of Michigan. The township will receive a laptop along with other supplies to use for the elections.

Supervisors Report:     There is no new news at this time.

Attorney Thornton Report:          A letter has been sent to Leonard Lux requesting the townships records on May 17, 10. His deadline was the 24th and there has been no contact as of today. The choices are to assume there is not that many records and recreate what we can or take Leonard to court. Hensell and Jackson will go to his house & try to meet him before any further action is taken. Add the National Flood Insurance Program to the April agenda. Appleton is still moving forward. He has thirty-day s to clean up his property from the default judgment.

Zoning Administrator Report:     A death in the family has prevented Glenn from making it to tonight’s meeting but he will be here next time.

Fireboard Report:          McKelvey requests that the minutes not be read because they are not valid. There are currently discussions to see if the meeting was valid or not. An Attorney has been contacted with the opinion that it is valid. The Fireboard does not have veto power over our board. Jackson was acting chairperson at that meeting.

No public comment

MOTION to adjourn.       Miller/Smigla               unanimous       PASSED

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