Colon Village Council Minutes April 13, 2010

Colon Village Council April 13, 2010

Colon Village Hall @ 7:00pm

Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Present: Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Whitford, Percival, McManus, Craun

Also Present: Brinkert, Weinberg, Baker, Schultz


Agenda Approval:

Approval of Minutes

Public Hearing of March 9-2010: Water and Sewer Rates

Public Hearing of March 9-2010: Budget

Regular Meeting of March 9 2010

Financial Report

Bills to pay in the amount of $50,259.20

All items under Agenda-Unanimous Consent


A. School Bond Issue Presentation: Tom Tenney & Camille Wilson, School remains one campus (Elementary and High School) New Gym to be moved to hillside with two levels, second level for community use. Colon has been chosen to receive the AARA grant which would greatly minimize the interest incurred on the loan  during the repayment process. May 4th is the bond issue vote.


A. DPW: Removal of two trees at the cost of $350.00 by AMF tree service. McManus/Craun (AMF to supply proof of insurance). Road patch needed on the curve by laundry mat at the cost of $460.00 Percival/McManus. Weinberg to attend Wastewater Stabilization Lagoon class May 4th-6th in Frankenmuth at the cost of $290.00 plus gas and lodging costs yet to be determined,  Bell/Delp Weinberg to attend line locating class , middle of May in Mason MI at the cost of $115.00. Percival/Craun

B. Police: Purchase summer tires for the 2008 squad car at the cost of $427.36  Percival/Delp Purchase of an HP Computer from CompUSA for $499.99 Percival/Delp Purchase of three Glock 40 cal. Handguns from CPM Distributors. Kuhlmann/Craun. Council gives President Whitford authorization to enter into an agreement for service with Mike Fleckenstein. Agreement is for computer networking, hardware and website support. Whitford will have Attorney Tomlinson review agreement , upon his approval Tom will sign agreement Bell/Percival.  Chief Brinkert would like to report that he was under budget by $22,778, for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

C. Fire-board Report: 3-10-10 minutes in packet for council review along with a letter from Attorney Tomlinson and a letter to Rhonda Miller, Colon Township Treasurer.

D. Lake Board Report : Bell reported that a meeting will be held 5-8-10 with the application company to work out specifics for this years lake application. There will be two boater safety classes also offered this summer.

E. Committee for developing a Village Planning Commission: Ordinance–After being reviewed by Attorney Tomlinson, changes were made and re-submitted for his approval. Upon Tomlinson approval, The Village of Colon Planning Commission Ordinance was received by the council.  Percival moved to accept ordinance and was seconded by Craun–Public Hearing to take place May 11th 2010 at the Village, 6:45 PM Prior to the Regular Council Meeting.

F. Colon Community Park Board- M. Blackman talked to the DNR Grant Rep and got approval to keep monies in the Branch Community Foundation Fund instead of having to transfer it to the Village of Colon. Colon will host a DNR Grant question and answer session for other communities on May 5th 9:30 AM at the Library. Next Park meeting scheduled for 4-26-10, 7:00PM at the Village Hall.

G. Other Committee Reports: Sharon Craun will meet with Principal Swartz 4-14-10 to explain the safe walk 2 school grant.


A. Facade Grant update-appoint a committee. Colon at this time does not have a DDA, this is something that is important to receive grant money.  A committee has been formed with Chair person Nancy Percival, council member Ed Bell, also Tadd Davis, Mary Weaver and Julie Baker

B. Approval of Auditor, after council discussion Norman and Paulsen will continue as the Village Auditors, council gives Whitford authorization to engage them for this work. Percival/Delp (Kuhlmann-Nay)

C. Dam Special Assessment for Maintenance update Letter in council packet for review. Baker is working to get reimbursed for prior years expenses.

D. Hardware Store asks for 5 year extension as approved at the March 9 2010 regular council meeting


A.  Summer Youth Program participation: Council approves participation Percival/Delp

-B.  Recycling garbage service contract: Bob DeOrsey from Republic Services was present at meeting.  After a lengthy discussion, a motion was made by Bell and seconded by Delp to amend contract with Republic Services and end recycling for the third year of our contract. Motion dies–Motion made by Delp seconded by Bell  to select a committee which will consist of McManus, Kuhlmann and Craun who will look into options and report back at the May meeting.

-C.  Brush clean up dates of 4/12-4/16/10

    Hydrant flush dates 4/26-4/30/10

– Approve Meeting Dates 2010-2011: Bell/Craun

    Approve Standing committee, as follows:

Blight- Police Chief Brinkert,

Christmas Decorations-Kuhlmann, Whitford, 

EDC- Percival, 




Motion made by Bell and seconded by McManus, council members serving on Fire Board to be Delp, Percival -Unanimous

Future Planning-Bell, Percival

Motion made by Percival and seconded by Kuhlmann, council member serving on lake board to be Bell.-Unanimous


Police-Village President Whitford, Percival, Kuhlmann

Sewer/Water-Bell, McManus

Motion made by Kuhlmann and seconded by Bell, council member McManus as Street Administrator with Craun as Assistant Administrator- Unanimous


Zoning Board of Appeals-Delp,Kuhlmann

-Approve Payment of reoccurring bills: Percival/Kuhlmann

D .Approve appointment of Mark Brinkert as Police Chief: Kuhlmann/Craun

-Approve appointment of Nancy Schultz as Clerk/Treasurer: Bell/Craun

-Approve Banking Firms of Citizens Bank & Colon Banking Center of Sturgis Bank & Trust: Kuhlmann/Craun

-Approve appointment of David Tomlinson as Village Attorney: Kuhlmann/Craun

-E. Elect President-Pro-Tem: Motion made by Kuhlamm and seconded by Delp to elect Percival as Pro-Tem. Unanaimous

-F. EDC annual report submitted and annual investment of $982.00 approved. Percival/Kuhlmann

-G. Bob Brown Property: Tabled, need description, cost and much more information on property.  Baker will get information and have it at our May meeting.

-H  Abbott’s Magic Company request to change peddler permit ordinance: Tabled until the May Council Meeting. Kuhlmann/Bell–Chief Brinkert will meet with Attorney Tomlinson on this issue.

-I Council needs to designate two Certifying officers for the Environmental Review.  Motion made by Kuhlmann and seconded by Delp to place Percival and Whitford in those positions.

Public Comments: Some confusion over the use of the pavilion at the community park has been brought to council attention. Baker will put prices and explanation of use in the next water bills.

Correspondence: Leonidas and Colon Township letters in council packets for review.

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed



Adjournment @ 9:25 Kuhlmann/Delp

 Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Schultz Clerk /Treasurer

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