The Jerry Conklin Award

At Jerry Conklin’s funeral it was announced that Abbott Magic Co. has added an award to go along with the Jack Gwynne Award for Excellence, The Senator Crandell Award for Comedy and the Foster/Baird Manipulation Award. These awards have been given out for decades in the dealer room after the Saturday show. The new award will be called, THE JERRY CONKLIN ABBOTT MAGIC FAMILY AWARD. For over 40 years that Jerry had lived in Colon he was always there to help abbotts with setting lights and staging the shows, In the top 12 for most performances at a Get Together. Working for Abbotts and doing any job asked. It is in the spirit of this that this award will go from this time forward to others who have been, like Jerry, one of those who are already to help make a better Get Together and Abbott Magic Co.This will be presented this year and every year to follow.

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