Big Old Tree

Nest here?

The huge, very old, pine tree outside my window is host to a variety of wildlife.  During the winter, a couple of squirrels tantalize the cats with their antics, chasing each other up and down the trunk, then over and under the branches. The cats sit in the window quivering and chattering under their breath.  The squirrels, in turn, peer in the window, shake their tails, and chatter loudly at the cats.  Nobody gets hurt, but every one is entertained for a while.

Over the last few weeks, the tree has had a few more visitors.  A pigeon couple stopped on the branch outside my window for a little while.  They did not stay long and at the slightest movement inside the room, they were gone.  There was no time to take a picture of them.

A lone robin was less disturbed by my movement as it nestled in the pine needles on the branch outside the window.  It may have been considering whether to build its nest in this tree as it contemplated the location.  Finally, it moved on, having apparently decided that this tree would not make a good home.

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