Recycling Stopped 4/8/10

Recycling in the Village of Colon has come to an end on 4/8/10.  Republic Waste Services  (aka. Reliable Disposal, Allied Waste) has decided to stop recycling service in the Village of Colon.

In April 2006 The Village of Colon agreed to a curbside recycling program with Republic Waste Services . That first year was paid for by St. Joseph County.

In April 2007 the Village wide curbside recycling program was agreed to with Republic Waste Services. This was a subscriber paid program. The cost was spread to everyone with garbage service from Reliable Disposal.  Average cost to subscriber was $2 a month or $24 a year.

Some people who had garbage service but didn’t use the recycling service refused to pay the recycling fee.

The Village Office Manager received two calls from concerned citizens who recycle that they received a letter from Republic Waste Services stating the recycling service would be discontinued at the request of the Village of Colon.  The Village of Colon never requested that recycling service stop.

 The Village office manager called Republic Waste Services  and talked to  Bob DeOrsey, Division Sales Manager.  According to Bob DeOrsey this past year’s recycling participation has not been cost effective.  So Republic Waste Services  made the decision to stop the program on its anniversary in April.

The Village of Colon has not received official  notification of Republic Waste Services’   decision.  Most subscribers never received notification of Republic Waste Services’ decision.  And customer service for Republic Waste Services tells callers that the Village stopped the service and to call the Village Office about it.

The Village of Colon regrets the discontinuation of recycling service and any confusion Republic Waste has caused Village residents. This situation will be on the agenda for the April 13th regular meeting of the Village of Colon.

Julie Baker, Village of Colon Office Manager

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