Early Spring

Through the Glass

Through the Glass

March came in like a lamb this year so I wonder how it will go out.  Right now, the view from our window looks like those last days of winter when nothing is very pretty.  The snow is gone, the ice is off the lake, and the grass is trying to green up.  Trees and bushes are still leafless but I am certain I see tiny buds.

Meanwhile, I have not seen a robin yet – well maybe I have seen one but it was too far away to know for sure.  However, I just watched two pigeons (or are they doves?) attending to the spring mating ritual on our patio.  Our cat has come out of her long winter’s nap and decided that it is time to venture outdoors again.  On a grey day like today, I sense that we are all patiently, or maybe not so patiently, waiting for the smell of spring in the air.  I wonder how long before we see the first hummingbird?

I have heard murmurings that there will be another snow, and the question in everyone’s mind might be, “Will it be a big blizzard, or an ice storm like last year?  Or will it simply be a light dusting of snow?”   Only Mother Nature can answer that question and it will be in her own sweet time.

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