Colon Police Dept seeking donations to Mi-Cops

On March 26th area police officers are going to play a benefit basketball game against the Constantine Public School’s Faculty to  raise money for Mi-COPS [Michigan Conerns of Police Survivors.   

This  group supports families of officers killed in the line of  with  everything from funerals, grieving process, insurance  companies and  most important follow up after the inital event.   Colon Police  Officer Kyle Chauncey is playing for the police team.

On March 9, 2010 Officer James Bonneau of the Jackson Police   Department was killed in the line of duty.   Officer Bonneau and    Officer Chauncey attended and graduated police academy together in    Lansing at the Mid Michigan Regional Recruit Academy.

I’m trying to gather up some donations to Mi-COPS and have Officer  Chauncey present that money on behalf of his classmate Officer  Bonneau. Officer Chauncey has no idea I am doing this.   So if you,  your fellow employees could throw a few dollars into an envelope   to  help the cause that would be great.   If your willing I’d like   to pick it up by the end of day March 25th and if you could mark on  the  envelope who the money is from that would be great.   If you  have any  questions please let me know, I really appreciate your   support and  Kyle will too.

Chief Mark A. Brinkert
Colon Police Department
269-432-3182, office
269-432-2182, fax

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