Minutes/Regular Meeting – March 10, 2010

The meeting was called to order and the pledge of allegiance was recited.  Board members present:  Sandy Jackson, Terry Carpenter, Nancy Percival and Dick Delp.

Guests: Dan Smigla (Township Board representative replacing Butch Carpenter who resigned effective February 23, 2010), LaNell Nystrom, Chief Doenges, Ken Garnaat of VFIS Insurance, Barry Parrish, Rob Fisher, Dave Webb, and Matt Overholt.

Motion was made by Dick Delp to approve the minutes as presented of February 10, 2010.  Seconded by Sandy Jackson.  Motion approved.

 Ken Garnaat of FVIS Insurance then gave an overview of the coverage’s for the fire department.  The total for all policies is $16,385.00.  Breaking down the coverage is as follows:  Accident/Sickness is a 3 year policy that started 3-1-09 and expires 3-1-12 and costs $4,483.00  Auto Insurance expires 3-1-11 and costs $5,760.00  Package Liability expires 3-1-11 and costs $4,892.00.  Commercial Liability cost is $1,250.00

 Motion to approve payment to FVIS Insurance in the amount of $16,385.00 for our Accident & Sickness, and Property and Casualty Coverage was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Sandy Jackson.  Motion approved. 

 7:12 Dick Delp left the meeting for a previously scheduled medical procedure.

 Motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dan Smigla to accept the financial report showing $53,456.56 in the checking account and $16,496.89 in the savings account. Nancy Percival said she didn’t think Dan could 2nd the motion as we hadn’t accepted him on the Board yet or accepted Butch Carpenter’s resignation. Sandy Jackson said “Dan most certainly was a Board member as he was appointed by the Township Board February 23, 2010”. Motion pending due to Dan not recognized by the board yet.

 7:47 At this point in the meeting Terry Carpenter announced his resignation from the board, thanked the department members for their dedication, and left the meeting.  He was asked if he would be submitting a letter of resignation and he said as he was leaving– he was resigning and leaving.  Sandy Jackson took over the meeting as acting chair.

 In my opinion due to not having a quorum the meeting should have been adjourned. None of the motions made after this point are valid and will have to be revisited at the next meeting.

 Note: Dan Smigla is the Township Board representative replacing Butch Carpenter who resigned effective February 23, 2010.

 Motion was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Sandy Jackson to accept Butch Carpenter’s resignation.  .  Motion pending.

 Motion to accept the verbal resignation of Terry Carpenter was made by Sandy Jackson and seconded by Dan Smigla.  Motion pending.

 To fill the vacancy left by Terry’s abrupt departure, the department will need to find an individual to fill the “at-large” seat on the board.  They will try and find a replacement by the next meeting.

 Sandy had questions for Lynell on the long form of the profit and loss statement as the amount budgeted for fire wages and the YTD were way out of whack.  Lynell will attend the Township Budget meeting to be held on Monday March 22, 2010, at 9:15 to explain and give an easier to read YTD statement.  Sandy said there is a lot to explain before the Township Board will approve the fire budget.  It was explained that the budget is due to both boards 8 months before their budget approval process and that Butch had produced the budget in a timely manner. 

 Chief Doenges reminded the board that there will be a Blood Drive at the fire barn on Monday, March 15, 2010.  Also the next pancake breakfast will be held on Sunday, March 21, 2010.   He also explained that the FEMA grant that we applied for will not be awarded until possibly December and that the grant writer we had working for us in the past is now intending to charge “local” departments a charge of $1,500.00 to prepare the grant request. (If we then receive the grant we’ll be reimbursed for that cost).   In the past her services were free as we paid half of the cost to send her to grant writing class.  It was the Board consensus that $1,500 should be budgeted as a line item on the new budget.  The initial money would need to be paid by June 1st

 Chief also reported that the County had $16,000.00 left over from a grant and had intended to purchase repeaters for each department until a disgruntled vendor from Kalamazoo who wasn’t awarded the grant told the commissioners the repeater system didn’t work.  The Commission tabled the request for repeaters so the individual departments bought 12 repeaters for their departments.

 Rob is working on policies to track Continuing Ed classes for Fire & Medical.  The department will handle the tracking of this information so it is easily attainable.

 Dave Webb/No report.

 Barry Parrish/Everything is up and running TodayJ.  Barry and members were responsible for power washing the inside of the bays.  Looks great!  Barry mentioned that the school was very appreciative for the use of the fire barn for the teachers as the school had ACT testing and the teachers were able to all come to the fire barn for an in-service.

 A question was asked what we are using the gun safe for?  It is primarily used for fire protection for documents and checks.  It is always closed but not locked.  It was suggested that Chief put the lock combination in a few spots around the department as the key doesn’t open the door to the safe– the combination does.

 Sandy asked what time the meetings start and was told 7:00.  She will come early next meeting and acquaint herself with the safe. 

 It was the consensus of the Board that Lynell should be at the monthly meetings to answer budget questions, etc. and present the financial report.

 Sandy asked Dan to give a little of his background and he said that he had been 26 years on a fire brigade.  He asked the current cost of turnout gear and SCBA equipment and was told today it would cost approximately $8,000.00 to outfit a new fire fighter.

 New Business:       Motion was made by Sandy Jackson and seconded by Nancy Percival to add Dan Smigla and Sandy Jackson to all current bank accounts at Sturgis Bank and Trust, with permission for Lynell to receive account information as needed.  Motion pending

 Motion to adjourn at 8:45 was made by Nancy Percival and seconded by Dan Smigla.  Motion pending

 Respectfully submitted,                                   Nancy Percival                                   Secretary

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