Abbott’s Re-Classified Ads

Re-Classified is a website where people can post classified ads on their used magic.  In addition it will also provide the latest info and product reviews but its main purpose is to serve people who want to get the word out that they have used magic for sale.

What’s the catch?  Well we don’t think there is one, it is free and you can post as many items as you want.  The idea is to bring sellers and buyers together at one place.  We would love to hear feedback from you on how to make it better on both the seller and buyer side so please don’t be afraid to make suggestions.

Heres a few FAQ’s and Rules.  Most are common sense and Abbott’s reserves the right to change them in the future but for right now lets go with these

Q As a buyer if I got ripped off, is Abbotts responsible?
A No, Abbotts assumes no responsibility for the ads and does not vouch for their validity.  We are simply providing a means where buyers and sellers can make a first contact.

Q I posted my item but its not showing up?
A All posted items are reviewed for spam, once cleared by an administrator they will show up

Q I am a dealer/inventor, can I post new magic?
A Only if the new magic is flawed or damaged, otherwise it must be used magic

Q I sell on Ebay, can I link to my products from here
A Yes, as long as it is used magic, no new products

Q I have my own site, can I link my products from here
A Yes, as long as it is used magic

Q Do I have to give out my phone #
A No, some things we made optional, others mandatory to fill out.  This is an area where we are interested in feedback from you.

Q I sold my product, do I have to delete my listing?
A No, they will auto delete after 30 days.

Q After 30 days my product was deleted, can I repost it?
A Yes, as often as you like till its sold.

Q Can I post a picture of the product?
A You can post up to 4 pics, a size limit of 350kb per pic please.

Q Can I upload a pic here and link to it on Ebay?
A No, that is known as hot linking/bandwidth stealing and is illegal on many servers.  Pictures uploaded here can not be linked to display on other sites.

Q Does Abbotts get a cut?
A No, Abbotts is not involved in the transaction.  This is similar to posting a classified in a newspaper and should be treated as such so Let The Buyer Beware certainly applies here.

Abbott’s will try to keep the site as entertaining as possible with frequent updates such as product reviews & product  demonstrations but we hope the bulk of the site will be people buying used magic.  This site was inspired by all the people who have so much fun at the Annual Abbott Flea Market & Auction that we thought maybe we could create a year round online version.

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