Downtown Decoration

Early morning February view of the space at 212 E. State.

Like many communities today Colon’s downtown has empty storefronts.  Terry Craft of Grannies Antiques fame recruited Joanne Keckler to join her in decorating some of the windows.   This is the third arrangement they’ve made with lots of comments and compliments.  They have also done the window in the busy Trayling Insurance office on Blackstone for a long time.  Thank you Terry and Joanne.  You really do “pretty up the place”.

About Walter Weaver

In 2008 Walter Weaver returned to Colon after an absence of many years. A Colon grade school student, he went to six different high schools, then served as a cryptographer in the military. Since then he has continually enjoyed parallel careers in broadcasting and entertainment as well as a wide variety of real estate oriented activities. Walter and his attorney wife Mary are the founders of Real Estate Magic, a regional marketing firm for residential, commercial and business investments.
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