Some Answers to Facade Grant from MEDC

No venial siding, they want sustainable materials redo brick work or wood siding or cement board, most encouraged is to take the building back to brick.

Redoing signs on building is covered as long as there is more work then just that.

Roofs are considered inside work.

The traditional downtown needs to be better defined by him visiting… this is for D Tomlinson’s and Abbot’s and Bomboni office. We consider them downtown,, but MEDC might not.

Not sure this grant would cover businesses operating out of “house”… They don¬ít do many of these and would have to see it.
American Legion & Masonic Lodge are considered businesses.

This Grant is limited to $200,000 per year per community.

I’m getting more information sent soon.

I already have two business concepts turned in. Looks like this going forward.

Thanks Julie

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