Façade Improvement Grants

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

Façade Improvement Grants

Building façade grants from MEDC.  The grant amount for low to mod communities went up to 75% and no job creation is needed.  In a change from previous years, the 25% match can be covered by Owner’s repair costs inside the building or the roof! Enrollment is open at any time if we have two (2) or more buildings

David Johnson from Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering came to explain this program.

Colon qualifies as a Low to Moderate Community

All applications have to be done through the Village of Colon

The Village is responsible for grant compliance and administration

Facade projects: 75% grant for outside work – example:  awnings, windows, brickwork.

(No, murals, sidewalks, parking lots, steps, concrete approaches)

Owner match of 25% can be interior work – example: roof, electrical, furnace, insulation.                        (Owners labor will not count towards match)

Open application for businesses in the “Downtown” area.

At least two businesses must apply.

For improvements done on building fronts, back of building if there is a rear business entrance, and exposed side of building if a corner lot.

No uniform design required between businesses.

No engineer is required for designs.

Design must keep the flavor of past, make downtown more attractive, no metal to cover brick

Can’t spend any money until grant is Ok’d

Grant funds are usually available within 30 days of application

Grant limit of ??????????

All projects will be reviewed by State Historical Preservation Office

All contractors must comply with “Davis Bacon Wages” and be bonded

After work is completed the business can’t be sold for 5 years

If sold the grant has to be paid back on a prorated basis

Steps to apply

Concept designs: The business owners need to submit them to the Village of Colon by February 26th, 2010

These can be drawings, pictures, cut and paste items… they don’t have to be done professionally. Also include the 25% owner match inside project.

Estimates: Submit them with the concept designs. If the business owner needs help with estimates the Village Office will help to connect them with someone to give an estimate.

Application: If the Village gets two interested businesses by February 26th, 2010, at the March 9th Council meeting the Council will approve the submission of the application for grant funds.

Step to completing projects

Bids: The Village will be responsible for letting out bids for the project with the help of the business owners who have approved projects.

Award bids: The Village, with the business owner’s assistance, would award contracts for projects

Grant funds: The Village would place the grant funds in escrow and disburse the funds in accordance to grant requirements.

Additional Community Lead Funding available

MISDA – Second Floor Rental Refurbishing –  up to $35,000 in grant funds

This is also a 75% grant with 25% owner matching funds.

These projects include anything to do with the apartments. Also including stairs, approach and windows.

After project complete the first renter has to be low to moderate income and MISDA will set the rent just for the 1st renter. No requirements for how long this first renter must stay.

MEDC Signature Buildings Program

The Village would purchase a dilapidated building downtown with 75% MEDC grant funds and 25% Developer moneys and create a business with creating jobs.

Not real sure how this works. More info is on the Michigan State web site.

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