Village Meeting Minutes 2-9-10




Meeting called to order by President Whitford and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Present: Whitford, Bell, Delp, Kuhlmann, Percival, McManus & Craun

Also Present: Schultz, Brinkert & Weinberg

Absent: Baker

Agenda: Approved-Bell/Percival

Minutes from 1-12-10 approved with the following changes: Delp present at meeting,

Kuhlmann (spelling) Under minutes from 12-8-09 A. Delp made motion to send letter requesting increase to smoke stack size. Percival/Delp

Budget meeting minutes 1-19-10 approved: Percival/Craun

Financial Report: Baker absent, report approved as submitted. Bell/Percival

Bills to pay $9723.76-approved Percival/Craun

Public Comments-None

Monthly Reports:

DPW: Submitted Report, Weinberg explained problem with well #6 after lightning strike.

Police Report: Brinkert submitted report, motion made by Delp to purchase carpet from Bower Sox at the cost of $1,389.08, after some discussion motion amendeded to increase amount not to exceed $1500.00 Delp/Bell (Kuhlmann-nay)

Fire board Report: Unapproved minutes from 1-13-10 submitted to council for review

Lake board: Bell discussed permit for lake draw down in fall and application for Spring weed patrol.

Committee for planning a Village Planning Commission: Summey reported that things are moving along. A meeting, with his committee, is scheduled for 2-17-10 @ 7:00 at the village hall.

Other Committee Reports: Winter Fest was well attended. Council would like to send member to future Park Committee meetings.

Unfinished Business:

Final Budget Adjustments: Meeting scheduled for 2-16-10 @ 6:30 pm at Village Hall. Public Welcome

New Business:

A.Craig Schumaker of Fleis & VanDenBrink explained the Grant for Sewer Project. Notice of Intent will be filed by Feb. 22nd at the cost of $800.00. Sewer project to include Freeland Acres and the Elizabeth Street locations at a 20% local match. Kuhlmann/Delp  Schumaker also made mention of a Downtown Facade grant. Percival will talk with Doenges to inform Chamber of Commerce of this grant. Schumaker also spoke on ground water discharge management plan.  Spells out rules & procedures and explained that additional costs may be necessary.

B. Resolution for Designation of Street Administrator was offered by Kuhlmann to designate Marilynn McManus as Street Administrator in the Village of Colon. Supported by Craun with 6 yeas: Bell, Kuhlmann, Delp, Whitford, Craun, Percival and zero nays.

C. Create Construction Board of Appeals: Item tabled to next council meeting due to lack of information. Whitford will speak with Hess on this matter.

D. MGFOA spring seminar will be attended by office manager Baker with gas allowance. Kuhlmann/Craun

E. Enchanted Glen Apartment: Craig Schumaker, engineer from Fleis and VandenBrink met with the McCormicks on sediment problems.  He will write a letter explaining that this is a natural occurring mineral deposit, not sand. His letter will state responsibilities and options for them, this is not a village problem.  Village DPW have helped them by flushing sewers weekly.

Public Comments: None


A. Safe Routes 2 school – information was in packets, Craun and Kuhlmann will look into this and report back at March meeting.

B. MDOT property dimensions: Discussion lead to tableing item till the March Meeting.  More information needed to make any decisions. Kuhlmann/Delp

C. Charter Communication Franchise Fee–Information sheet in packet.

D.ISTEA-Rural Task Force #3 of St Joseph County. Council member Bell will be village delegate with Percival as alternate Kuhlmann/Delp

E. Thank You Letter from Colon Pantry in Packets

Adjournment @ 8:45pm Kuhlmann/Delp

Unless otherwise stated all motions passed

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Schultz

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