Colon Township Board Meeting 1-26-10

Colon Township Board Meeting

Minutes of 1-26-10, 7:00 pm

Meeting called to order at 7:00

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Present: Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell

Absent: none

Dan Smigla was introduced and welcomed as the new Township Trustee. He was chosen by the board to fill the position left vacant by Ray Saxman.

Public Comment:

St. Joseph County Commissioner Jerry Loudenslager stated that there have been a total of nine layoffs at the County. St. Joseph County’s budget is in very bad shape this year and it seems to be a prelude to the 2011-year.

Without objection, accept agenda.

Without objection, accept minutes of 12-22-09 and 1-11-10.

Without objection, accept bills totaling $40,435.23.

Old Business:

Board of Review member, Dave Montgomery, left the area without resigning and now we are unable to contact him. He needs to be removed before a new person can fill the position.

MOTION to remove Dave Montgomery from the Board of Review.


Yea- Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell

Nay- none

Motion passed.

Supervisors Report:

The St. Joe County Road Commission has now decided to get back into snow plowing service for private roads within the county. They are only allowing this service on paved roads. They are not plowing currently but will be available in the near future. Long Lake Road has had some heavy truck traffic. This may be a large contributor to the damage each year. Mottville Township has an ordinance that prevents/regulates heavy truck traffic. They are forwarding their Ordinance to McKelvey to look over.

Attorney Thornton Report:

He attended great training in Grand Rapids specifically for township attorneys. He has done research for the FEMA letter that the township received. The twp. needs to stay active in the flood map program to allow residents to purchase flood insurance if needed. He will review to find out what is needed.

Glenn Lindsey (Ordinance Enforcement Officer/ Zoning Admin.), Supervisor McKelvey and Atty. Thornton have been working on the Appleton enforcement case. Lindsey called Mr. Appleton to request a property inspection and was denied. An administrative search warrant was issued. On January 15, 10 Lindsey, Atty. Thornton, and Sherriff Deputy Parker went to the Appleton property and inspected. Lindsey took many pictures and conducted a thorough inspection of said property. Four citations have been issued to Randy Appleton and four citations have been issued to Tammy Appleton.

Violations found on the property were 43 unlicensed/inoperable vehicles, 4 unlicensed/inoperable boats, 9 unlicensed/inoperable trailers, various litter and operating a storage area. Appletons have 15 days to respond to the citations.

Zoning Administrator Report:

Jackson asked if Leonard Lux had contacted the township yet. McKelvey stated that we have not heard from him despite all of the attempts. Thornton stated that the twp. can terminate the contract for cause.

MOTION to terminate contract with Leonard Lux as Zoning Administrator and Ordinance Enforcement Officer immediately due to lack of his duties.


Yea- Jackson, Smigla, McKelvey, Miller, Hensell

Nay- none

Motion passed.

Fireboard Report:

Read aloud by Jackson-See attached minutes.

ZBA Report:

Bob Avery reported that officers were elected at the January meeting. Sandi Jackson continued as Secretary, Al Musall accepted as Chairman, and Denny Russell as Vice Chairman.

Planning Commission Report:

Hensell reported that the PC would like to have the board’s approval for bi-monthly meetings for 2010. They are looking into Thursday meetings instead of Tuesdays so more board members may attend.

The PC would like input from the twp. board regarding a proposed Family Business Ordinance which was mentioned by McKelvey at the October 2009 PC meeting. The board took no action.

Officers were elected and Jerry Albright will continue as Chairman and Cindy Campbell will continue as Secretary.

No public comment

MOTION to adjourn.

Miller/Smigla  unanimous

Motion passed.

Meeting closed at 8:10 pm

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